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Who we are (my story in a nutshell)

Welcome to my store – Emirates and Gulf Ladies Network Store.

I introduce myself to you, I am Umm Abdullah, a mother of 5 children and I know how much time men and women need to take care of their health, their beauty and the search for comfort in the field of health, beauty and life in general.

My passion for alternative medicine, herbs and the formation of natural herbal mixtures began in the field of weight management, health and beauty, and the family inherited it and found myself in this field. My journey started in 2007 in Abu Dhabi where I began mixing mixtures with my own hands with 100% natural and safe herbal ingredients in a scientifically proven and scientifically proven way.

Initially I used to make additions for personal use, sisters and relatives, and news spread quickly and became an urgent need around me to provide them with mixtures and this is what inspired me to start offering products to customers in the region and the state. Thank God, after nearly a decade, I am proud of the satisfaction of thousands of customers. You can read some testimonials from my customers on some products at the bottom of the page.

During my journey in developing mixtures, I got to know an aloe plant or a special type of aloe vera called aloe vera. It has been discovered that aloe vera gel has magical effects on the human body inside and out. My research found that this plant was used by ancient Egyptian civilization 6000 years ago. Cactus gel is the deep secret of Cleopatra and Nefertiti due to their wonderful beauty.

Over the years, many peoples and civilizations all over the world have given many descriptions of the aloe vera plant that reflects the influence of these peoples on this revolutionary layer.

  • Silent processor
  • Eternity plant
  • No doctor needed
  • Natural medicine pharmacy for men
  • Natural pain reliever
  • Supports youth card

Mahatma Gandhi said he was one of the “secret forces” that kept him alive while fasting.

Christopher Columbus considered the cactus a miracle medicinal plant and used the pulp to save his Santa Maria crew from disease. He called him “the doctor in a bowl.”

Modern science has begun to reveal the secrets of Aloe Vera and how it helps you say goodbye to:

  • Aches and pains caused by arthritis and muscles
  • Gas, indigestion, stomach upset and constipation
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Difficulty controlling cholesterol
  • Feeling of laziness and lack of energy in the body
  • Skin and hair problems
  • Weight control problems

This was a revolutionary and positive aspect of my research, but the shock here is:

I discovered that 99% of aloe vera is available in the market as pure or in the form of powder or pills or contains preservatives as we make it lose this magical effect or vice versa becomes harmful.

So I decided to continue my research until I reached the best source of aloe vera in its natural form and to be 100% pure and not contain any stabilizers, preservatives or industrial dyes and without chemical fertilizers for the plant during cultivation and growth. My efforts culminated in a deep search for success in identifying the best aloe vera product around the world as Forever Living products.

I tried many of the company’s products and the results were great. I called the company and obtained a power of attorney to give me the ability to display and market the company’s products to my clients.

This is the company profile:

Forever Living Products is an American company founded in 1978, 40 years ago and has 158 branches worldwide, producing more than 5 million tons of aloe vera on its own organic farms. The company has developed more than 250 products inspired by the aloe vera plant and the best types of herbs, plants and bee products that we have in the field of weight control, nutritional supplements, skin and hair care, bee products and natural honey. All products are natural and organic, meaning they are 100% safe and fall under the food or external care category.

(Al Aloe Science Council), established in 1981 as a supervisory association and ensures the quality and manufacture of aloe vera from commercial fraud and manipulation. It has a (international) stamp for the classification (halal) of international products, and it has a stamp (the Islamic Society of California) to meet the legitimate requirements of the manufacturing, packaging and production stages. It has a patent for the process (chemical stability) in its plants, which prevents the process of oxidizing the plants after cutting, which loses the plant’s properties. It has the world’s largest aloe vera plantations and produces its products in the best conditions, agricultural and laboratory care.

This store is a natural result of increasing the number of customers and increasing the demand for natural and organic products to control weight, nutritional supplements, skin care, hair and bee products.

I wish you a unique shopping experience. Do not hesitate or feel free to contact me directly by contacting below. welcome!

Your sister or Abdullah

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

For your suggestions, requests and communications:

Watts AB:  Click here for a direct conversation
[email protected]

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Thank you M Abdullah, Especially on hair care products

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Special place and special products

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A wonderful gift and a wonderful product, Thanks little is not enough, Looking forward to seeing you at the top, Thanks to all the crew.

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Great products, And a great service, I will definitely ask again!

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