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 About Forever Living – FLP

About Forever Living Products, is a company called also FLP, the world leader in the Aloe Vera based drinks and products. Established in 1978 in Arizona USA by Mr. Rex Maughan. Specialized in Health, Beauty, Bee Derived, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplements, and Personal care products in more than 160 countries.

The Forever Living products was formed in 1978 based on hard work and motivated ideas. It was planned to assist anyone that wanted a good future to be able to realize them on their own.

  • Good health
  • Protected future
  • More fortunes

Forever living product corporate office

After being in the market for more than thirty years, the company revenue has increased to billion-dollar level and is now present in more than 150 countries. They produce as well as market a lot of unique. essential wellness products based on one of the best nature has to offer to mankind- Aloe Vera More than 9.5 million distributors all over the world have been able to confirm the capability of this company based on their experiences. So many people are currently benefiting from a wealthier. healthier and fulfilled lives just from the little enterprise that was formed based on dreams.

REX Maughan

Rex Maughan was the founder of the Forever Living Products in 1978. His passion for better health, standard products as well as financial independence prompted him to establish the company.

In 1978, Rex Maughan invited relatives and acquaintances to the launching of company in Arizona. In the ceremony, he revealed his personal strategy which was to provide the best merchandises to the people, product that would stand to enhance a lasting wellness as well as health and give the people who used the products a freedom of expression so that they could speak freely for themselves.

Forever living management

Since the company is a life-changing and a unique enterprise, behind it are some disciplined leaders that keep making the company move forward. Depicting from the years of experience as well as modern ideas, they are up on their feet to progress the multi-billion-dollar business to greatness. Use the link below to join this community of achievers.