Ways to order products:

There are two ways to order any or more products in the store:

The first method:

By clicking on this link to open the WhatsApp conversation
I’ll get back to you in hopefully minutes (in some cases I’m a little late because of my busyness, but most of the time I answer in minutes). Keep the number in question as “The Uae Women’s Network BB Store”. If Watts doesn’t show up immediately, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for it to appear.
I need the following information from you to be able to ship your order.
Name or surname. Address. Phone number. Product name or products

The second method:

Through the store. Add the product to the shopping cart by specifying the quantity and clicking on the “Add to the basket” button and when you finish adding the product or products click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen on the right and follow the steps of adding the address and determine the method of shipping and payment method with the note that you need to have b Reed is electronic to follow this method.

There are two payment methods available in the store:

First: Payment on receipt

You can complete your order and we will deliver your order to your door through the shipping company, which will deliver your order to the place you select on request. And you pay the order on receipt.

Second: Credit card payment

Payment is also available on most popular credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard
With my wish for a fun shopping experience
Your sister, Um Abdullah.